Saturday, August 17, 2013

A standing desk for £8

As someone who earns their living by staring at a computer screen all day the issue of sitting down for 40+ hours a week has always being in the back of my mind.

A recent issue with neck/back pain made me seek alternatives to the normal sedentary life of today's PC bound worker.

It doesn't take much browsing of the usual day-to-day improvement sites, E.g., to come across the idea of using a standing desk.

The thought of paying £800 for a professional standing desk did not exactly make me eager to proceed, but one of the most popular DIY jobs in recent years was done by Colin Nederkoorn, co-founder and CEO of His IKEA hack standing desk for $22 caused quite the internet stir.

This was entirely Colin's idea. I simply hijacked it and wrote this post for the UK market. Perhaps some people are also interested to see how a dual monitor stand looks on top of this rig.

So off I trot to IKEA and here so forth is what I found.

The hit list (If Colin's was budget, I went for super-budget!)

Total cost, £7.75 + 8 screws which I had lying around the house.

Assembly instructions are as per Colin's link earlier. It's not rocket science. Screw the shelf to the side table. Tack the side table to your existing desk. Only one point to note, the legs ot the LACK table are hollow, therefore you need to make sure you use a suitably sized screw (not as long as you think).

The result:

The back lightning is provided by a previously owned DIODER LED 4-piece lighting set.

The dual monitor mount is made by DURONIC and can be purchased from Amazon UK for a very reasonable sum of £29.00. Totally recommended, sturdy, heavy and has been solid for over a year. 

Ensure to place the shelf correctly based on your height.


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